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Mary Queen of Shops: the Grand Reopening

Posted: 8 June 2010

Mary Queen of Shops

Mary Queen of Shops

This Monday sees Mary Queen of Shops once again throwing open the doors of her stores for the great British public’s delight.

BBC2 begins a new series of Mary Portas’ highly successful “Mary, Queen of Shops”, as she gives a failing bakery her unique sprinkling of magic dust.

See my photo-documentary of Mary for Grazia magazine in December as she brought her Mary’s Living and Giving Shop to Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

New(-ish) Year, New Look Cobweb!

Posted: 19 January 2010

Bringing sunshine: comic actor Bob Golding, whose award winning Edinburgh Festival Fringe show Morecambe, a tribute to comic genius Eric Morecambe, opened in London's West End for Christmas 2009.  Photographer: Colin Hattersley
‘Morecambe’ at the Fringe

Welcome to my redesigned, refurbished and thoroughly reupholstered website.

Please take a look around. You’ll see some of the newsworthy, fun and quirky assignments I’ve worked on such as:

Capturing a surreal image from the demonstrations at the G20 Summit in St Andrews in November for Scotland on Sunday, and documenting the frenzy of fashionistas as Mary Queen of Shops...

Mary Queen of Shops

Posted: 1 December 2009

Mary Queen of Shops

Mary Queen of Shops

A frenzy of fashionistas descended on Edinburgh’s Stockbridge as Mary Queen of Shops threw open the doors of Mary’s Living and Giving charity shop.

Bargain-hunting style-seekers queued around the block to catch sight of retail guru Mary Portas and snap up designer labels donated by celebrities…


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